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14THCINEMA is a bi-monthly event and concept exhibition space founded by ( ) PARENTHESIS STUDIO. Our aim is to think outside the framework of the gallery concept and artist/curator hierarchy to promote a more collaborative approach to both artist practice andexhibition.


14THCINEMA is a platform for deconstruction, expansion and dialogue. During the platform we attempt to dislocate thearchitecture of thegallery by not only showing works within the restraints of its walls but also outside and around it. Paired with the fleeting, durational aspect of the event, 14THCINEMA is ostensibly a deconstructive performance in itself.


As an open platform for the members of ( ) PARENTHESIS STUDIO and external collaborating artists, 14THCINEMA aims to gather artist practices that question the boundaries of the medium they work with and establish new artist-audience relationships through expanded media and experimental approaches.

14THCINEMA is run by artists for artists to engage an audience in an unmediated and more personal discourse than what the institution might allow. It is to promote an active engagement and dialogue with the visual culture born out of contemporary concerns.

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